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Dan Cook is a young man who has dedicated his life to defending freedom and liberty. His ancestors have served in WWII, the Revolutionary War, and Prince Phillips War and Dan is a descendent of Mayflower passenger Francis Cook. Dan works full time in Naples, Florida teaching citizens about the Constitution, American history and political activism. He has worked on several political campaigns, was an organizer for the Naples TEA party in 2008 and was an elected delegate to the Continental Congress in 2009. Dan was born and raised in north Florida and worked in the restaurant industry before making the leap to teach the Constitution full time in 2020. He is excited to be a co-founder of We The People TV and looks forward to enforcing the restraints of the Constitution by exercising the First Amendment to its fullest extent.

Dr. Bob Frady is a Clinical / Forensic psychologist by profession, earning his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia. Dr. Frady is a native of North Georgia and is of Irish / Cherokee descent. He is a descendant of a Revolutionary War veteran. His grandfathers both served in WW I, while his father proudly served in the U. S. Navy in WW II, the China Conflict, and Korean War. Dr. Frady has been active in the patriot movement over the past 15 years, continues to see clinical patients, consults with the courts in criminal cases, and spends much of his time engaged in the restoration of 1928 -1931 Model A Fords.

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