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Latest from jaytube

City of Mobile City Council gets called out! 

Plymouth Zoning Board of Appeals: 2/26/24

Latest from jaytube

I Kinda an Apology from the Town Council

H Video Apr 03 2024, 8 28 33 PM

G Town Council caught with their pants down!

F Why

E Town Council Chair gets if wrong

D Appalled

C Carvell People Speak out on a Lithium Battery Plant

B Concerned about her Family's Safety

AB Shut down by Town Council

AAA Going to turn off the microphone!

AA The Unconstitutional rules!

Dave Bowman getting Tresspassed at Commissioners meeting!

Commissioner Gets Legal Advise - story below

Our Voices Matter! - story below

Tyrant! - story below

You can pound your gavel and away our free speech!

Lawsuit Coming! - story below

Illegal trespadd ordered on two of the Public!

Idaho Commissioner called out! - story below

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